Oscar Recap: Simple But Sassy

I hope everyone has recovered from last night’s event-filled evening at the Oscars. From the memorable musical performances to Jennifer Lawrence’s graceful fall, the 85th annual Oscars were anything but boring. Even more unforgettable? The hundreds of celebs in this year’s hottest couture. Here are my top picks for best dressed of the evening.

1. Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Couture. Seriously, is there anything this girl can’t do? From the dress to winning the gold, Jennifer Lawrence knows how to work it all. She looks beyond elegant in this strapless gown, and her simple hair and makeup add the perfect touch to this Cinderella story.


2. Jennifer Aniston in Valentino. I think it’s safe to say that Jennifer Aniston becomes more and more flawless with age. This beautiful red gown sends all the right messages: understated yet unforgettable. What’s even better is how she has simply tousled hair and barely any jewelry on. Based on the trend I’m seeing, I think it’s safe to say that less is more.


3. Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta. Wow, wow, wow, is all I have to say about this no brainer. Amy Adams looks absolutely flawless in this powder blue gown. The dress has tons of texture, which she easily pulls off with a simple chignon-styled bun and diamond drop earrings.


4. Halle Berry in Versace. This working mom definitely knows how to take a night off! This sequined long-sleeve dress was a bit daring, but Halle works it in all the right ways. The metallic tones combined with black vertical stripes accentuate her curves  and flatter her figure in the best places. Her perfectly highlighted pixie cut also helps simplify this sparkly and sassy masterpiece.


What were some of your favorite Oscar fashions?

Images courtesy of: Getty Images


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