Multimedia Work: Lending A Helping Hand

As the fall semester comes to a close at the University of Florida, I wanted to share this project I produced for a photojournalism course.

Over the course of a few weeks, I followed my subject, Erin Kaplan, through her daily routine. Kaplan is a senior at UF who embodies several admirable qualities. I chose her as the focus of my project because she isn’t like every other college student who solely focuses on school work and social life. Instead, Kaplan devotes herself to helping others. In “Lending A Helping Hand,” I was able to capture this and tell her story by photographing her in several different settings- at work, in extracurricular activities and in her free time. In addition to photographing her, I also spent a lot of time interviewing her, which helped me grasp a sense of who she is.

To help compile this multimedia slideshow, I used a Canon DSLR camera and a Zoom H2n Digitial Voice recorder. Photos were edited with Photoshop and audio was edited with Audacity. The entire project was created in Soundslides Plus.

Erin’s story shows how good deeds and selfless work is possible at any stage of your life.


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